30 March 2004

We have moved in!

We liberated our furniture (© A.S.) yesterday. We have officially got a home in Dubai.

At 8.30am we arrived at the removal company's premises to watch customs check our possessions. We were told that the official may not show up until 10, but if we were not there, he would not wait and we would have to reschedule. Luckily he arrived soon and was actually quite nice (we had been told to expect the worst, since customs officials can be obnoxious the World over). When he saw that we had paintings in the container he asked to see them, because he wanted to see what Fiver's art was like. In the end he gave up when he had seen some of Anna's drawings.

The container arrived at Capricorn Towers an hour later, where a crew of removal guys proceeded to carry all our gear up to the 31st floor (in the lift, of course). We were so happy to see our things again even if it meant a load of unpacking - again! Fiver has had quite enough of house moves for a few decades.

Our belongings are now roaming the wilds of our new flat with Anna clearing up amid cartons of books still lining the walls (shelving is an issue, as usual)

Here is a comparative view of the container in Ipswich and in Dubai:



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