26 March 2006

Stuart resigns!

Finally we can talk about it. Stuart is leaving DIFX and we are leaving Dubai to move to..

...wait for it: New Zealand. Stuart has taken a job at the New Zealand Stock Exchange in Wellington starting in June. We've been planning the move for a while now, which is why we had a seemingly ill-considered one week holiday in New Zealand in February. This involved an 18 hour flight, 2 changes of plane and mucho jetlag. But it was worth it, because it's easiest to decide to live in a place by making a gut decision when visiting rather than through theoretical research from afar. So we are now in official packing and decimating crap mode. Lucky for us my mum is here. She is a champ at organising and labelling. Crown is doing the moving for us again, which means getting a load of paperwork together (including everything needed to export/import the Landrover, Stuart is not going anywhere without it), but at least we don't have to actually pack any boxes. This also means that there is an end in sight for this blog. As it's called "Stuart and Fiver in Dubai" obviously there will be no more soon. There may be a New Zealand blog, you never know...