15 March 2004

More Weather Thoughts

This is going to be our great obsession in the next few months, as we get used to a different climate

Is it possible that perception of temperature is related to what we see? When the air is white with heat and every building is layered with a dusty haze, it feels hot. When the eye can rest on green hedges and flowered bushes a minute later, it is as if the temperature drops a few degrees.

Today going outside is like walking into a furnace. Hot winds are blowing from the desert, whipping up the palm leaves and swirling sand flurries across the road where the high-rises create wind tunnels. This, we are told, is a heat wave, but in summer it will be even hotter. Luckily it is possible, and, we are assured, necessary, to go from air-conditioned flat to air-conditioned car to air-conditioned office and on to air-conditioned shopping mall. Another reason why shopping centres are so popular, for promenading, drinking coffee and hanging out.

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