24 February 2008

Ghost Story workshop

NZBlogPhoto65-2008-02-24-06-18.jpeg It’s slow, but it’s happening. After some more work on the script and a read-through we workshopped the first scene to get a better idea what might be the backstory of the two characters.

21 February 2008

Filming dance

NZBlogPhoto64-2008-02-21-02-19.jpeg At short notice I was asked to help out with some filming on an experimental dance piece taking place down Cuba Street and in James Street mall. Devised by uni students, the piece was based on Japanese/Maori style with high-tech live vj-ing thrown in and three camera people recording the event. My part was more integrated into the piece itself, as I operated the camera that filmed members of the audience who took part in the performance, which was projected back live into the performance space. Not the most taxing task, but I got to have a chat with a guy using a steadicam rig and met a new crew 16 student. To think that I only started film school a year ago!

19 February 2008

A day of corporate shooting

Since starting full-time work as a project manager installing Macs in a large Wellington business there hasn't been much time for film making, but my theory is that once I'm busy I'll get more done.

So in that spirit I took on a corporate job filming and editing an investor day for another local company. It means shooting on a tripod all day contending with the vagaries of wireless mics, feeble spotlights and indifferent backgrounds. On the other hand I know more now about transport mega-trends, Australian electricity markets and NZ renewable futures than I need to.

Working with an assistant has turned out to be invaluable to a smooth day. Just having someone to help run cables, set up the tripod and give a hand makes life so much easier.

17 February 2008

1st Read-through

NZBlogPhoto62-2008-02-17-20-03.jpeg Had the first readthrough today. Brilliant! After weeks of worrying about the quality (without looking at the script - if I'd looked I might have noticed that it wasn't all that bad), thinking that I had lost the energy to go on with this story, that maybe it wasn't the right story for me to tell I am now sure again that I am on the right track. I had already noticed that hearing the lines read - as I experienced during the auditons - makes a fundamental difference to my understanding of the story. Today, suddenly, I saw the theme, the arc, the progression of the characters. It was a revelation. It was funny, kind of sad, right. I feel very positive. I know what the next steps are. We recorded sound on one readthrough, so I can listen to it more. We have planned the next session to tackle scene 1 on the boat, to look at back story and facts of the characters' lives. I have lots of pictures in my head I want to get down on paper.