28 March 2004

The Office Party

Where we head for the desert for an Authentic Arabian Experience (TM)

DIFC decided to have an outing so all the many new joiners could get to know other staff in the company. We met up on Friday afternoon and were taken to a desert park by 4 wheel drive. This is where the fun began. We went 'Dune Bashing', a highly questionable activity whereby we drive up to the top of a wing-blown dune and launch ourselves off the vertical drop into the valley, and then repeating many times. It was great fun and just a little scary.


We were then taken to a 'camp' in the desert where we were able to indulge in several activities such as sand snowboarding, camel riding or just walking round the most amazing environment. Later, as the sun went down we lay on the warm sand and looked at the stars before dressing up in local costume and having a wonderful Arab feast and traditional entertainment.

As the photos below show, the entertainment was more photogenic than Stuart in local costume!


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