13 March 2004

Bloggers in Action

Working or not on Friday

We made it to the first weekend! It will take some getting used to the working week being Sunday to Thursday. This is the norm for 'western facing' companies. All the others, and government departments, have a Saturday to Wednesday week.

However, Fiver went to her workplace for a time today. She has struggled to find a place to work as she needs broadband Internet access. The solution is a local cafe which offers free Wi-Fi access. As long as you buy the odd cup of tea they are happy to let you sit there all day.


Fiver went to work since Stuart did; there was a board meeting of the DIFX (Dubai International Financial Exchange) which was held, unusually, on a Friday, that he had to attend. Once it had finished he had to unwind, as can be seen in the photo below. The other reason Stuart felt the need to chill was that he had left his wallet in the cab and spent the morning cancelling credit cards, finishing just i time for the driver to return the wallet. One-nil for the helpful locals again!


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