06 March 2004

We finally arrived

The trip from hell in fog and night
It only took us 24 hours to get here from Düsseldorf! The flight was 3 hours late leaving (due to fog in Dubai we were told - we did not think there ever was fog in Dubai but it is actually quite common in March!).
The flight went well until we were 100km from the airport. We circled for a while but finally were diverted to Doha in Qatar. We stayed on the plane for 5 hours before being let into the terminal where we managed a fitful sleep.
Once we landed in Dubai (about the same time as a dozen other flights) Stuart had a long wait at immigration as he had to have his iris scanned for future visits. We made it to the hotel 24 hours after leaving Fiver's mother's flat in Germany. We are now staying in a serviced apartment in the Shangri-La hotel - a few hundred yards from Stuart's office.
Photo is from plane in Qatar - a view we came to loathe! Image%2814%29-2004-03-6-10-46.jpg

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