10 March 2004

Housing and Cars

Where we buy a car and get to see our flat again - man, it's big!

Last night was another hectic evening (they all are at the moment, luckily the town wakes up again after 6pm and keeps going till late), where Stuart dashed off to sign a contract for a lovely racing green Range Rover, which is apparently a great deal, and Fiver spent the evening with a curtain man to choose material. Some may think this is typical division of labour round here, whereas Fiver believes in making sure the home where she spends all her working hours is looking good. Luckily the curtain man works till 10pm, so there was plenty of time to go through piles and piles of samples.
We got to have another look at the flat, too, to remind us how totally stunning it is. The view is something else, and all the rooms are so ...well, roomy with the floor to ceiling windows, that we didn't want to leave. livingroom-2004-03-10-10-46.jpg This is the living room, all 7m glory of it. The fabric for the curtain will cover a small town in the UK, I expect ;-)

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