19 December 2011

More from the creative frontline

Talking about making things: since my iPad is my new best friend, I am constantly discovering apps that allow me to create in materials I used to use, but haven't for a long time. I used to be hooked on screen printing. Something about the logic of layering inks, the mind twisting required to think back to front and in mirror image, put me in a special frame of mind. The only problem is, screen printing requires a lot of space, inks, tools, drying racks...
Enter LetterMPress. Yes, I know it's a letterpress simulation, and therefore mainly for text-based prints. But the same brain-scrambling effort required to put together a decent print makes it better than any game for me right now. Only $2.99 to the end of the month. 

18 December 2011

Trying a new thing

So what with the house move and travelling and writing the book (more on that later) I find myself short of time to keep up my diary. I have been writing it since I was fourteen, and I am not about to pack it in now, but for the time being I am looking for a quicker outlet. So I came up with keeping a visual diary, a quick drawing of events every day. It also keeps me in sketching mode, something I have neglected criminally in the last few years, and allows me to practice drawing. I focus on three major events of the day (not as easy as it sounds, I've had a lot going on lately) and try to visualise them. My naturalistic drawing of objects has always been quite terrible, ditto faces and bodies, but I am not letting that stop me. Here are more samples. The sketchbook gives me background colours, but I have decided to move on to a daily calendar type book from January 1st.

04 December 2011

It's National day in Dubai. Watch out on the roads!

The 40th anniversary of it's founding is reason for any country to celebrate. Flags, parties, fireworks... And in Dubai it all happens in the middle of the road. Dubai traffic police is trying to reign things in this year, so the following advice appeared in Gulf News

  • Follow traffic rules. 
  • Don't stick posters on car windows that block the view.
  • Don't stick your head out of windows or dance on the bonnets of you car as this could lead to accidents.
  • Do not carry more than the number of people usually allowed in a vehicle.
  • Motorists are strongly urged not to change the colours of their vehicles or tint the windshield beyond the accepted limit.
  • Don't create chaos on the streets.
  • Car number plates should not be concealed with decorations and or be spray-painted over.
  • Motorists should not blow their horns continuously or add devices that increase noise. 
  • Stopping the vehicle in the middle of the road to talk to others creates traffic jams and should be avoided.
  • Don't blockade the road with spontaneous parades or celebrations. 

Reading this on the plane made me think that Dubai traffic police may be a little over cautious and pessimistic regarding people's traffic sense, but judging by the behavious I saw on the road this weekend I am glad that they are on the ball. 

01 December 2011

Apostrophe crime

The only excuse could be that it was committed by a German who didn't know any better.