05 July 2004

We are having a break

It's summer, and we are off to see the World. This means that the blog is having a break. See you again at the end of August.

Stuart is already back in Europe for a work trip to various countries, and Fiver is about to go to Germany for a few weeks to help Matthias move to Weener in the North of Germany. In August we are meeting up for a bit of sailing in France, so there won't be any Dubai-related news for a while.

Hopefully by the time we get back the German version of the blog will be ready; in the meantime you can always check out the archive (see link on the right) to see if there are any stories you missed first time round.

Have a good summer!

04 July 2004

Wired Article on Dubai

A good read.

An interesting article about Dubai and technology developments here.

03 July 2004

Underwater Photos Update

Due to popular demand (thanks, Martin) here are the pictures of Stuart taken with the camera in its new underwater case.





02 July 2004

Cycling to Work?

Al Ain, one of the smaller emirates inland from Dubai, has now truly joined the Western lifestyle: the municipality is going to set up bike paths for the increasing number of cyclists.

A story in Gulf News lists some shocking facts: only 0.5% of cyclists wear helmets, only 1.1% carry lights at night, 46.3% cycle on the wrong side of the road, and incredibly, the authorities keep no figures on bike-related accidents.

The problem of cycling on the wrong side of a main road stems from the fact that a lot of people who cycle here are from the sub-continent, where this is accepted behaviour, as it is considered safer when the cyclist can see the oncoming traffic, a bit like walking in the county in the UK.

That no-one wears a helmet or carries lights should be no surprise, as the only people who cycle here do it because they can't afford to run a car or take the bus (which is pretty cheap already). It's really to hot to ride a bike, but we sometimes see people with the tools of their trade (garden shears, toolbox or even a lawnmower) on the pannier rack cycling from villa to villa for work.