30 May 2009

Visas part 1

Oh, I am having soooo much fun at the moment, digging my way through visa applications and their respective requirements for 18 countries. I knew that this was going to be the hair pulling part of the trip preparations, but quite how hilarious the process would be I didn't know. And I haven't even applied for any visas yet, although I have managed to order a passport replacement for Stuart, as he inconsiderately travels so much that he managed to fill his passport in two years. That involved getting shouted at by UK embassy security - driving a big huge Defender obviously means that I am carrying large amounts of explosives -, driving around the block three times to find the hidden accessway to the passport office, being asked if I carry any weapons, as they are not allowed through security, and finally being growled by a Very Grumpy (TM)at the cash desk. There is sooo much more fun to be had, I am sure.

Just fyi, we need visas in advance to the following countries:





The rest of the visas we can get either at the border, or - since they have a short expiration date - we have to apply for them in another country, for example the visa for Egypt we have to get either in Nairobi, Addis Abeba or Khartoum, all of them undoubtedly fun places to spend a few days while traipsing to the embassy every day. Not.

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