22 May 2009

The Route!

We spent two evenings a few days ago going through our list of places we want to visit, thinking about border crossings, working out a route with the help of the unintuitive, but reliable RoadMap. It's been a long time coming, reading travel books, becoming regular visitors to wikitravel, poring over the great many Africa travel magazines out there, collecting bits of info from friends and making notes when watching documentaries (The Long Way Down was surprisingly insightful).

So now we have a plan. It involves driving for 6 months, in the region of 15 000km across 18 countries (excluding Europe), visiting a load of human evolution sites as well as getting in as much diving as possible, some museums, temple ruins and innumerable national parks, to start in Melrose Arch and spit us out at the top of Tunisia, hopefully round about Christmas. We'll see.

Remember that Google Maps doesn't follow the actual roads in Africa, as it does in more developed parts of the world, so the length and directions are approximate. We are not planning on driving as the crow flies! If you click on the link below the map, it will open in Google Maps, where all the little flags and the actual route will be much more visible. If you have any more ideas where we can go on our Drive and Dive tour, let me know!

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  1. WOW!
    I knew this was going to be a long trip but oh my god! Part of me thinks you and Stuart are quite mad, I have often thought that in fact, but a larger part of me is extremely jealous. Especially, as sit here in my little London flat with the rain beating against the window (Its May for heavens sake - where has the sunshine gone!) contemplating the hoovering!
    Anyway, I am really looking forward to hearing from you and Stuart as you complete your African adventure - lots of pics please!
    Love as always

  2. Sorry about the rain, Jason. And thanks for thinking we are mad. What a compliment! Yes, it is a bit of a daunting trip, lots of stuff still to sort out, but we are getting close. Only 5 weeks to go, aaargh!!!
    Oh, and why are you not on Facebook yet (sorry, couldn't help myself)?