24 May 2009

Plugs of the World

I was going to write a long rant about the lack of standards related to anything from plugs to water hose connectors, to gas bottles, never mind electronics, and the annoyance factor for us travellers, but then I discovered this map and I realised that this is just another opportunity for neogeography, and that I shall map my experience of non-matching connectors in my life instead of complaining about it.
Map: Eurocom


  1. Sorry your plug map is fascinating! I knew there was variation - its part of evolution baby as Darwin might say (if he grew up as a skater boi on the west coast in the 70's) - but quite how much I did not know! Jason x

  2. I know, it's scarily interesting, isn't it? Later I found out that apparently China is wrong. I guess there is no reason they should have UK plugs, since they had a revolution and all...

    I wonder how that stripy part of South America copes, with US and EU plugs all mixed up - actually we have both EU and SA sockets in our flat here, so I guess that's how.

    I still can't figure out how SA and India have the same obscure and massive, old-fashioned looking plugs, as if there had been some tectonic plate shift and they became separated in the past.

    Oh, and I just wanted to mention that NZ/AUS plugs are the most useless ones I have encountered so far, as you can't force them into any other sockets (my favourite occupation when moving country, just before I manage to convince Stuart to cut off and replace ALL the plugs AGAIN!!!)

    So you can see I am still torn between rage and fascination.