30 May 2009


Today is officially the first day of the Big Trip (also now known as Drive and Dive - And a Bit of Human Evolution). We are thirty days away from leaving - although we are planning to leave as early as we can, so we may well already be in Cape Town by the end of June.
To celebrate this date, I have been re-vamping the blog quite a bit, as it will be our primary news location during the trip. On the left I have posted a map to show the planned route (as blogged last week), where I will add the real route as soon as we start, so you can see how far apart the plan veers from reality.
There is also an intro for those people who might not know us and the plan to conquer Africa in a 'small' white car. There is also the Flickrstream of photos, which will be filled with travel photography courtesy of Stuart's fab camera, for your delectation and specifically to satisfy Jason's needs ;-)
At the bottom of the page you can find a calendar. So far it shows our rough timetable, which consists of a hopeful version of our schedule; sure to be superseded by reality as soon as we get on the road. As we are going along, we will update this with real dates and locations and - maybe - even important events.

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