26 July 2007

5 minute dramas Day 6: Continuity

NZBlogPhoto35-2007-07-26-08-01.jpeg I was looking forward to Freddie’s shoot, he is keen on the visual art of film making like I am. So when we arrived at the location, a beautiful huge hall in Massey University, I was excited to see what he would do. And it was pretty amazing. Freddie’s story is of a young boy who commits suicide in a toilet and goes to heaven, only to be thrown out for not belonging. The shoot was all cool angles and totally blown-out images, which made this hall really look like heaven. The black and the white angel really helped, too. Today was one of the first times all the actors were used, so that made them happy. As I was continuity today, my main focus was the monitor and my note pad. Unfortunately, despite reading up on the tasks required of continuity I did a terrible job. I spent so much time concentrating on keeping track of where things were on the screen that I totally forgot to write down shot descriptions and information useful to the editor. I felt really flustered most of the time, although I thought I would be organised enough to do a decent job. Today I learnt that gaffer tape can save the day.

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