21 July 2007

5 minute dramas Day 3: Unit

NZBlogPhoto31-2007-07-21-07-44.jpeg Unit day, and Harry Potter day, of course. A perfect combination. Derek’s shoot takes place around the train station, so I am parked up nearby and spend my time shuttling between the Landy and the shoot with tea, coffee and snacks. Well, actually nothing much happened until the crew arrived after an hour shooting on a bus Derek has managed to procure (sausage rolls were involved, apparently). Then there was a lot of going up and down the escalators with varying traffic in the background ( I fear for continuity) until lunch. Stuart was a dear and brought leek and potato soup at 1.30 exactly and then dashed off to get our copies of Harry Potter. All in all the day was pretty peaceful. I spent it looking after everyone and enjoyed that a lot. If it’s not my project I think I would be very happy to be unit, everyone loves you when you bring them food and snacks. Plus, the Landy is the perfect setup for unit, as if built for it. With the canopy and the gas cooker, the tables and chairs, extra crockery - why is it impossible for people to remember to bring a bowl and a spoon? - and lot of storage space it’s our favourite unit van. Today I learnt the importance of having a working phone on set, even if it is set to silence.

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