20 July 2007

5 minute dramas Day 2: Sound

NZBlogPhoto30-2007-07-20-07-43.jpeg Second day, and we are still - again - shooting at my house. Caleb’s story is a love triangle with deadly results, taking place in our living room. Today I am responsible for sound. Thanks to Carl, who did it yesterday and is a bit of a wiz I am all set up with my little mixer, headphones and connection to camera. Phil is booming for me, such fun. As the sound person I am in my own little world, watching and listening for any stray noises that don’t belong there. after the take I write everything down and start again. Simple. It makes me a little separate from the rest of the shoot, but it is relaxing, too. Today I learnt that when you are on a long shoot in a small room with lights on, make sure you bring deodorant.

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