24 July 2007

5 minute dramas Day 5: 1st AD

So there I was thinking that I’d be good at being 1st Assistant Director, the person who keeps the show on the road and everything running like a well-oiled machine. Pah. As it turns out being 1st is like herding kittens, talking to everyone, but no-one doing what they said they would. Very frustrating.

 Anyway, Adrian’s film today, and we are at the house of a friend of a friend of his, so we have to be out by 5.30. Since we only finished at 9pm last night due to the late start of Corey’s shoot, we couldn’t get going till 8 this morning. Something about 10 hours turnaround for crew, John told us. As if we were getting enough sleep anyway... The story is simple, a hostage situation that turns into a backgammon game that turns into something altogether kinkier.

Adrian concentrated on his actors, a good example to watch, and we revolved around him. The room we shoot in is spacious, which is good, as we have to fill with a lot of light, and he wants a lot of funky dolly shots.

Merryl is DoP and has spent a lot of time thinking about the shots, although they always seem to change on the day anyway. But knowing what you want in advance is the key, I think, so that it’s possible to adapt if something isn’t quite right.

Today I learnt that there should always be vegetables for lunch. And sunshine. We spend all day indoors, because there we can control the light and surroundings. It wold be easy to become anaemic.

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