17 February 2008

1st Read-through

NZBlogPhoto62-2008-02-17-20-03.jpeg Had the first readthrough today. Brilliant! After weeks of worrying about the quality (without looking at the script - if I'd looked I might have noticed that it wasn't all that bad), thinking that I had lost the energy to go on with this story, that maybe it wasn't the right story for me to tell I am now sure again that I am on the right track. I had already noticed that hearing the lines read - as I experienced during the auditons - makes a fundamental difference to my understanding of the story. Today, suddenly, I saw the theme, the arc, the progression of the characters. It was a revelation. It was funny, kind of sad, right. I feel very positive. I know what the next steps are. We recorded sound on one readthrough, so I can listen to it more. We have planned the next session to tackle scene 1 on the boat, to look at back story and facts of the characters' lives. I have lots of pictures in my head I want to get down on paper.

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