21 January 2008

Scheduling decisions

I have recenNZBlogPhoto61-2008-01-21-08-42.jpegtly started to look into funding, as it is important to me to make a film at a professional level and to make sure that my cast and crew are at least somewhat recompensed for their work. And boy, is it long-winded and complex. There’s arts partnerships with private companies, public funding like the film commission, foreign (or in my case back home) funding possibilities, frame by frame funding, angels, and the list goes on. Sara and I did a budget today and realised that if we wanted to pay everyone properly we could easily hit the $100k mark. Wow. Probably not going to happen, but we will try to find as much funding as we can so we can at least get the kit, feed everyone and pay something towards people’s efforts. So I have decided to look for various funding possibilities and defer the production till later in the year. At the moment we are looking at shooting to take place sometime in the last 2 weeks of September (for a 6 day-ish shoot). I realise that it would be difficult to know for most of of the crew what they are doing so far ahead, but would still love to keep them on my team. I will start again looking for crew towards the beginning of August and will contact all of them again then. In the meantime I will be polishing the script and try and pry some money out of various organisations/individuals so that we can make a shiny, pretty and amazing film. If anyone has any ideas for funding or wants to be involved with the money hunting process, please let me know: the more the merrier.

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