03 November 2007

Ghost Story - Second meeting

Another pre-pre-production meeting before Amelia goes off on her adventures to Cambodia. Still no script in sight. But there is a beginning and an end, a boat at night and a perilous fall at the edge of the water. And questions: What’s it like being a ghost? What does a ghost look, talk, move like? How do you interact with a ghost? What happens when you lose someone and they just disappear, you don’t know if they live or are dead? How does it work when all around you think they have gone, but there are still there with you?

We also have two characters: Isabella and Francesca. Isabella is sensible and a little fearful of the world. She is at the mercy of her sister who appears and disappears at the most inconvenient times or important moments in her life. Her family is influential for her, but her dream life and time with her sister is somehow more colourful and intense than the rest of her world. After Bella’s disappearance she set up a bookshop called Bella’s Book. Francesca disappears one night during a sailing trip and since then is always a bit wet. She is also upset that the only person she can talk to is her big sister Isabella, who is a stick in the mud and boring. Unfortunately she has little control over the time and place she appears and disappears, although Isabella seems to think she is showing up at inappropriate moments just to spite her.

To keep the water theme we are thinking of locations, like a boat, bathtub, kitchen sink, pool, beach. waterfront, pier, dam or lake; objects like fish tanks, water bottles, fountains, sprinkler. I think I’ll be starting to write things down soon.

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