23 January 2006

Zaabeel Park

This new park opened last autumn, but it is so difficult to reach due to terrible signage that we only just went there last weekend.

Zaabeel park is just a few minutes bike ride from our house, so an ideal local relaxation spot now that Emirates Towers park has been turned into an impromptu carpark (boo hiss!). We actually went twice. The first time we had to go by car because Stuart's bike had a puncture. Then we fixed it and went again on Sunday. The differences were remarkable: On Friday the place was heaving, every Indian family took the opportunity to have a picnic or a barbeque. On Sunday there were only national families and women with their kids.



The beautifully designed refreshment shops are closed on a Friday, obviously, it being the weekend, but luckily the local corn and candy-floss franchise has enough initiative to provide snacks.

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