12 January 2006

More Building Work News

It had to happen one day...

After empty lots and impromptu car parks on either side of our building ever since we moved in, now there are building sites going up on both sides at the same time. We have no news on the details of the building to our right (which, if high enough, will cut the stunning view from our bedrooms), but the one on our left is reputedly going to be 51 storeys high and in the shape of Big Ben (rumour has it that permission to decorate it with a clock like the original has been denied).


Digging has commenced on the site to our right, whereas there are still boards being put up on the left side. We are waiting to see what happens to Cosmo, which is using some of the wasteland for its outdoor seating. Car parking has already become a lot more cut-throat in the last weeks, as there is not enough parking for all the offices along here. The empty lots masked that problem, but of course they were always going to be built on eventually.

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