03 January 2006

Christmas Holidays

A week in France, a week in Germany. Sounds simple, but isn't.

We visited the boat to check on it, but I was so ill with a flu that I am convinced I picked up from some visitor to the film festival (where else? All that air-conditioned proximity to people from all over the World) that I didn't notice much of the clear sunny skies and beautiful winter light.

Germany was freezing, partly due to the fact that my brother doesn't think much of central heating. And partly probably because we are getting used to such mild temperatures that we forget to pack truly warm winter clothes. But it was still a great way to spend Christmas, it snowed and we had a proper full-sized tree with decorations and candles, lovely dinners were cooked by Ellen, Matthias and Vera and we even played card games. How very old-fashioned.


Proper Christmas

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