22 April 2004

Making Bacon Sarnies

Being such a cosmopolitan city with dozens of nationalities coexisting makes for interesting situations. Take food, for example.

Making a bacon sarnie for lunch is one of the highlights of our weekends. When we decided whether to come here it was a worry that we would not be able to assemble all the ingredients. Nice squishy English white bread, brown sauce, free-range eggs and butter and the most problematic of all: bacon. Obviously we didn't think it was possible to buy pork products here, but we had heard that there are bacon replacements made from beef (a bit like tofu sausages for those veggies who can't live without bangers and mash).

How wrong we were:


Stuart is deciding which kind of bacon to buy from the shelves tucked away into the back of the local supermarket. With an entrance like a porn shop, you are not encouraged to buy there, and being seen to shop here marks one out as a definite unbeliever. If you can live with that, all the treasures from pate to smoky bacon-flavoured crisps are yours.

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