11 April 2004

A day on the beach

We were invited to Jumeirah Beach Club today for an Easter get together.

Stuart's colleague Mahmood with family and small son met us on the beach. The weather is very strange today, the windiest and cloudiest we have seen so far. An hour ago it even rained, although it was just a few drops hardly noticeable if it hadn't been for the splats on the car windscreen. For us English people this was of course nothing, but there will probably be a picture in the paper tomorrow about the terrible weather.


Proof that it really really rained

The club has a stretch of private beach, as have all the hotels in Dubai. There is actually very little public beach here, which means that it is impossible to go for long walks, unless one drives far out of town. No need for owning a dog, then. There is a small stretch of public beach, but it has no shade and it really too hot to spend the day any time other than mid-winter.


The beach at Jumeirah

The club also has a restaurant and showers and a pool, so it is easy to stay all day. Towels and loungers are provided, so we just hung out and relaxed. Because of the strong winds today there were some large breakers, which got the life guards a bit concerned. We were all herded into a certain stretch of beach so that they could keep an eye on us, nervously pacing the beach. We thought it was a bit over the top until we heard that 3 people had drowned in the breakers yesterday while swimming. A sobering reminder of the power of the waves.

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