30 April 2004

Exercise regime for high-rise dwellers

When living in a high-rise, make sure you keep fit.

We are still recovering from hiking down 31 floors of stairs a few days ago when we were woken in the morning by the emergency alarm. A sonorous voice told us that an incident had been detected in the building and that we should leave by the stairs. Great!

We grabbed the laptop and our passports and headed for the exit. Of course we hoped it was a false alarm, but feared it wasn't so we sped down the endless corridors of the staircase. When we arrived - breathless and anxious, but relieved that we hadn't encountered any smoke - at the bottom, we found that the water tank for the sprinklers had drained and had set off the alarm. Phew!

The next day we both felt crippled with muscle pain in two very specific areas of our thighs and calves. For most of the last week getting up or going up or down stairs has been agony. The lesson? Do that Stairmaster!

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