01 October 2009

Public Awareness

"Causes of high spread of HIV/AIDS on border points"

(from a leaflet on display at the Tanzanian border)

"Young officers at border points find it a matter of pride to have sexual contact with foreigners -- not knowing that they endanger their lives by contracting HIV/AIDS

Sex is used as one of the means of corruption from people who criss-cross the border on business missions. This causes the respective staff ti have an array of lovers and hence run the risk of contracting the killer virus. Wrong notions on the use of condoms to the effect that it renders men impotent also greatly contribute to the infection rate. There are also people who pour petrol on theis sexual organs immediately after having sexual sessions believing that the liquid could stiffle (sic) any infection. This (sic) people end up damaging their private parts.


Avoid staying jobless. There are people who find themselves with nothing to do and hence go for drinking sprees which ultimately tempt them into having sex...."

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