26 October 2009

The Black Hole and how I fell into it - and returned

Nairobi Jungle Junction - 02

It all started in Uganda. We had planned on going from Tanzania through the Serengeti to Rwanda and round Lake Victoria to Uganda. Instead, because our suspension broke, we had to go to Nairobi to get it fixed. This meant that our visit to Uganda (we scrapped Rwanda in the end) was a detour rather than another place on the route. Returning to Nairobi to meet up with Mark and Martina for their two week holiday we had another detour, going to the beach. Added to this the fact that we are half-way through the journey, and somehow I lost track of the spirit of travelling to a destination.


The messy route (see the blue line for the planned route)

Yes, we were moving from place to place; yes,we were seeing new things, but we kept looping round as if we had lost our way. A week of totally flopping out on the beach was just the last straw. With the ocean in front of us and a country we had spent the best part of 5 weeks in behind us it felt like we had become mired. From the start we had been all about the forward movement, the going North, the putting miles under our belt, the getting there. Now we were meandering around the fixed centre of Jungle Junction and we seemed to be unable to extract ourselves from its pull.

Tsavo to Tiwi Beach - 161

Long story short, we are off to Ethiopia via Lake Turkana tomorrow, a great big new adventure as we leave behind the relative civilisation of Kenya for the unknown North.

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