12 October 2008

Soweto Architecture

Diepkloof House

One of the posher parts of Soweto, Diepkloof has schools and quiet streets.

New building

The former men's and women's hostels are being replaced with family accommodation by the municipality.

flats in Pimville

These flats near Freedom Square in Pimville are part of the renovation of Soweto.

Soweto stadium

The renovation work for the 2010 World Cup is coming along. Johannesburg is getting 6 stadiums, two of which are in Soweto.

Soweto and gold mine slag heap

Some people still live without electricity or running water in the shadow of ginormous slag heaps left by the gold mines.

You can see more Soweto photos here.

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  1. Slag heaps! Who knew Soweto had so much in common with Bottrop? Fabulous pictures, as always (but then again, you know I like photos of buildings).