08 October 2008

Our new place

Looked at two flats today and true to form (Dubai we looked at three before choosing the one we loved to live in for 2.5 years, in Ipswich we looked at two before buying the second flat we viewed, ok, so Wellington was a little harder, I ran around for a good two weeks) we have decided to move into the second place we looked at. Stuart's employer is keen to find something for us, as the hotel, while fabulous, is excruciatingly dear. So here are a few photos from our quick look round: The living space. Behind the location is a large glass table for dining, which goes into the kitchen. Behind the sofa on the left is the main bedroom and bath, where we will install a screen to separate the bedroom from the living room. Master bedroom. The bathroom is on the left. Biiig bath. Stuart happy. Ergo, Fiver happy. The pool. Maybe finally I can learn to swim proper lengths. The block is two minutes walk from Stuart's work, so he is very keen on it. It's located here:
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