29 September 2008

Mobile blogging

One reason I have started this new blog is that I want to be able to blog while travelling from my new beloved iPhone. The old blog is on iWeb, which means I have to come back to the computer to make a blog entry to upload. There are lots of blog apps in the app store, so I thought it would be easy to find one that does what I need:

  1. upload the blogger, including photos (preserving the original geotag when the photo was taken,, geotagging of entries andability to add links.
  2. editing of all existing blog entries, not just the ones written on the phone.
  3. tagging and categories.

Not so easy after all. I have tried three now and it seems as if I am stuck using multiple apps to achieve all those things.
Lifecast is great, and free, but only shows me the posts I wrote on the phone. Once I posted, I can edit but end up with duplicate posts. But it let's me upload photos, although not with text. Which is more than I can say for iBlogger, which costs money, but let's me edit posts and re-published them as well has having great tagging support. . No photo uploads to Blogger at all, alas. Promised to come, but who knows when. Lastly there is Shozu, which looked promising, but has an annoying bug that makes it useless: once you bring up the keyboard, it stays there and totally obscures the rest of the post. Otherwise. It would be fab, and free. I haven't bothered with any other blogging app, I figure paying for one is enough and for now I'll make do with using multiples. This so what you get when developers aren't allowed to talk to each other, I guess.
Mobile Blogging from here.

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