30 September 2008

Duck problems

Stuart is already in Johannesburg and started his first day at work yesterday. All seems to be going well at the office, but when I got up this morning I found the following emails in my inbox. The situation in the hotel room doesn't seem to be quite under control: "I don't think the ducks believe me. I told them you would be coming soon but another day has gone and you are still not here. I think ducks have an attention span problem so that is why they keep nagging me about you. Actually, I think they are a little lonely sitting here all day long with no one to play with and me telling them that you will come and play has got them all excited. I will go and have a bath now and that should shut them up for an hour or two but, honestly, the plaintive quacking is driving me up the wall." Worrying developments. A half hour later the following arrived: Well, things are now getting out of hand. I went and had a bath (just to cheer up the ducks, you know). As sometimes happens on these occasions I fell asleep. I awoke when I heard what can only be described as 'furtive quacking'. So, I get up and look for the ducks. Imagine my surprise when I see that, not only have they climbed into my bed, but that they have also dislodged my chocolate from the pillow, and were just about to eat it! Well, they are now in disgrace - I gave them a serious talking to and put them back in their rightful place on the side of the bath, without supper. Please come soon and help me control these ADHD ducks - they are driving me bonkers." FYI, the ducks' names are Quacky and Sylvester. I think Sylvester is the brains behind the operation, Quacky is just the muscle.

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