06 September 2007

Hello Dubai screening

Amazing, but true: ‘Hello Dubai’ has finally had a screening in a festival. After a year of work and submission to many documentary, women’s and Middle Eastern film festivals it was accepted at the Date Palm festival here in Wellington. The first screening took place tonight. There will be a second screening on Tuesday and another in Christchurch in the following week. This is the first time I am attending a festival screening and it feels like a huge privilege to be present when an audience chooses to see a film I made.

Seeing it on such a big screen is a sobering experience, mistakes show up a lot more than on the small computer screen. I was surprised how well it holds up, since it was shot on such a simple and small camera. It shows that even relatively cheap cameras can produce decent pictures that can be screened in a cinema. I have been saying this for a while, but I guess now that I have seen my own film make it there I really believe it. Thanks to all the people who came to be there with me at the first screening!

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