22 September 2007

Grad Films: the scripts

After a drawn-out process of pitching, writing treatments, first drafts and meetings three scripts have been chosen for the grad films: Ice, written by Katy Wedde; F-Stop, written by Mark Hershenson, and Jeanie, written by Corey Matthews.

In the end, despite a list of pitches of 50 or so initial ideas, only 5 made it to draft script stage. At one point there was even talk of only two films being made, although that might have trying to put some fire under us. Strangely, although there is some real writing talent in the crew, the people with the funny and interesting ideas didn’t produce anything. Ice is a thriller about a woman who falls in love with a serial killer and finds herself threatened by his rejection. Jeanie describes a school reunion with a twist, 5 friends waiting for their long-lost companion to join them. F-Stop describes a love triangle between Adam, married to Eve, and his ex-girlfriend Lilith. Very Biblical.

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