02 February 2009

Observations about Perth

1) Perth is hot hot hot. As in Dubai in August hot. 39C hot. Phew!

2) There is some stunning colonial and neoclassical architecture in the centre of town, intricate balconies and creamy carved pillars, but it's mostly ruined by tacky shop fronts. Oh, and there is a Disneyesque Ye Olde London shopping street (see photo) lined with such English staples as the Australian Life Saver shop and designers selling bags made from kangaroo leather. Inconguous.

3) People here do that diagonal way of crossing traffic junctions when the lights are green that I noticed in Singapore and KL. Seems dangerous to me, but hey, I go with the local flow.

4) The bells of St. Martins in the Field are housed in a futuristic looking glass bell tower by the ferry port. Why? No idea. A present from London in the 80's, apparently.

I would probably enjoy Perth a lot more if I wasn't so zombified from getting up at 3 bloody 30 AM!!!!!

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