14 April 2008

Infratil Investor Day 2008

NZBlogPhoto66-2008-04-14-08-15.jpeg I have found myself with an ongoing commitment at Infratil, the company whose annual Investor day I filmed a few weeks ago. A whole raft of ideas followed, and the first promo piece is up on YouTube and the Infratil website. The next step is for the individual presenters to find their highlights from the hour-long presentations, so they can be added to the website. It’s a learning process for me and the company to find how material can be re-purposed and what the process of generating video web content involves. There is a certain involvement from the company to clarify their message, the graphic designer to generate intros, lower thirds and other graphic material to give a corporate image, and the editor to pull this together. The trick seems to be to work in batches, since every iteration creates more work and another draft that needs to be uploaded, viewed, commented and changed.

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