12 October 2007

Grad Films: Location recce

We had a long and drawn out scene by scene meeting yesterday, followed by a location recce today. We start shooting F-Stop on Wednesday, so now is the time to iron out last-minute problems. In the meeting we went through the script locating any items of wardrobe, props, set and special lighting, grip or location equipment.

One scene for example is going to be shot at Makara Beach high on the top of the cliffs, so we know we are going to need special safety arrangements, warm coats and a generator for the lighting. Another scene is set during a house move, so there will be a lot of boxes and packing material as well as reasonable amount of time to re-set the set between setups. When we went to the locations at Greta Point, which serve as Adam and Lilith’s flat, we realised that there is a lot of dressing to do and that we have to be extremely careful of the space, white walls and carpets, expensive furniture, etc.

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