30 August 2007

Grip exercise

So far the most complicated grip situation was when Freddie wanted to shoot into a toilet cubicle from the top during his 5 minute drama. Luckily we had Hamish McIntyre at hand, a cool grip who works with FilmTec, where we went today to try out different grip equipment. FilmTec is based in Seaview and run by Dion Hartley, who has been key grip on big NZ productions such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Van Helsing, King Kong and X Men 3. He was also recently grip on Peter Jackson’s test shoot of the new digital Red camera.

His workshop is an Aladdin’s cave of gear, cars, rigging and tools to make more useful bits. As we are now gearing up for using the 16mm camera for our grad films, we tried out laying dolly tracks and rigging car mounts for shooting moving scenes. We will be back at this location for our 16mm film intensive week next week, when we are each shooting a short scenario for a half day.

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