25 April 2007

Telling Tales

NZBlogPhoto18-2007-04-25-03-24.jpeg ANZAC Day today, but I’m working on the Telling Tales piece. I found someone who was at the Anti-Springbok demo in 1981 who is willing to be interviewed about her experiences. Turned out I had all the fabulous quotes I needed after about 5 minutes. We talked a bit more, and afterwards I rushed home to cut the interview down to 1 minute before I forgot everything. I did a quick transcript of the bits I wanted to use so I could rearrange them before cutting them in FCP. That worked really well. Now I need some shots of Molesworth Street when it’s empty, i.e. early in the morning. I just wished I had done this last weekend, as I now have to get into town before the workers arrive tomorrow morning. Oh, well...

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