21 March 2007


NZBlogPhoto12-2007-03-21-04-13.jpeg Tonight we attended a discussion with Chris Graham, the director of the upcoming horror movie The Ferryman, in the hallowed halls of Peter Jackson’s Park Road Post offices. Highlights, apart from the very illuminating talk was the incredible - screening room is such an inadequate term - movie theatre which is part of the facility. If someone gave me unlimited funds to build the perfect cinema, it would be pretty close to this. Glamorous, kitschy, OTT, shiny, chic, exotic, glitzy, all that and the perfect place for someone who obviously wants to live in the movies. Then we spotted an real-life (well, as much as a statue can be called alive) Oscar™ Park Road Post got for sound design on King Kong. V. cool. Here he is, if a bit blurry:

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