11 February 2005

Fossil Rock - again

It seems that for an overnight camping trip this is going to be our favourite haunt.

Fossil Rock, named after the marine fossils that can be found embedded into the craggy outcrops - is conveniently close to Dubai, it combines desert dunes for a fun drive with impressive scenery to watch the sunset. We stopped off in Al-Awir to get petrol and tomatoes. It's a one-camel kind of town (well, actually there are probably hundreds, but you know what I mean), dusty and empty, but it provides us with essentials and we bought our very serviceable kettle there on our first trip.

Then it's the usual routine: Get off the road, let some air out of the tyres and make sure everything is strapped down for the bumpy bits. Last time we lost two cups to a sudden drop in the track - keeps IKEA in business, at least. It was Marcus' first trip driving his lovely new Discovery, so we took it easy to start with. But by the big grin on his face we soon knew that he was ready for the bigger bumps. We only got stuck once, and helped out a stranger whose appetite for steep hills was bigger than his engine, otherwise the trip was trouble-free. We even saw a lizard, a rare occasion to see life here apart from camels and goats.


We are tonight camping by one of the rocks that were once underwater cliffs, the fire is toasty and the marshmallows are sticky and sweet. There's a million stars and a big silence, it's not too chilly: life couldn't be better.

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