22 January 2005


Dubai boasts the best shopping malls on the planet, so it is not surprising that it also holds a shopping festival.

This year in its tenth year, it is a mix of January sales with a vengeance and an international trade fair. The festival runs for a whole month, with huge reductions in the shops and entertainments in the streets and at a dedicated site on the outskirts called Dubailand. This large area has been carved out of the desert and fitted with the infrastructure to serve as an outdoor exhibition area. Global Village, the international part of the shopping festival, has this year been located here for the first time. Lots of countries put up more or less inventively designed pavilions to house stalls exhibiting (and of course selling) their respective country's wares. Although this is where we went last night, you will have to wait for a more detailed description until I had time to properly explore.

Last night we had tickets to Aga-Boom, a clown show offshoot from the Cirque de Soleil outfit. The clowns were funny, as usual, and we were also treated to a contortionist and two very strong acrobats. Their act consisted of balancing each other on outstretched arms and swinging decoratively from ropes. Made us want to go to the gym more.




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